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Control Panel for Submersible Pump

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Control Panel Board for Submersible Pump

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Pump and Motor Control Panels

Pump and Motor Control Panels

Pump and Motor Control Panels

Pump and Motor Control Panels
Control Panel for Submersible Pump

Magnum Switchgear designed Control Panel Board for Submersible Pump, the panel was utilized for working submersible pump with control panel board or other electric engines, & especially for rural agro electrical business sector and Industries. We can manufacture control panel board for submersible pump up to 480 kw according to client particulars and configuration. We are utilizing rumored brand switchgear and Motor Protection Device Like: Kaizen, Schneider Electric, BCH India, Siemens, L&t, Technic, C&S and so forth.Submersible pump control panel board offered by Magnum which are highly appreciated by clients due to their high quality and optimum performance. Our products like submersible pump control panel boards offered by Magnum, a wide range of leading Submersible pump control panel manufacturers in India.

Determination: (1) Metal Box: CRC’s Sheet with Powder covered. (2) Digital Ammeter control panel (3) We give this thing in diverse sizes, shapes and models considering the prerequisite of control panel board to the clients. control panel board is utilized within submersible pumps, horticulture control panel board sets, mines engines, quarry engines and modern engines. Customers can profit this control panel board at industry heading costs from us or we can prepare the quotation for the required device.

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Features of Control Panel Board for Submersible Pump

  • Rugged MCH Contactor with wide voltage band (140V to 240V).
  • Fitted with MMK1 type relay for reliable overload protection.
  • Heavy duty-start and run capacitors.
  • Fitted with ammeter to inspect the motor current and voltmeter to inspect the incoming power supply.
  • Push button feature for voltmeter, ensuring usage only when required, thereby safeguarding the voltmeter.
  • Individual indication lamps for power supply and motor running.

Functions-Control Panel Board for Submersible Pump

  • Switches your pump/motor on and off.
  • Protects the pump from over current.
  • Provides extra torque when the pump is being started.
  • Maintains torque level while the pump is running.
  • Indication of current drawn by the motor.
  • Indication of voltage supplied to the panel.
  • Indication of power supply.
  • Indication of pump running.

Technical specification : Control Panel Board for Submersible Pump

Power range : 0.5/ 0.75/ 1/ 1.5/ 2 and 3 H.P
Single phase : 2 Poles - Coil voltage 180V/220V
Wide band of operating : 50% to 110% of rated coil voltage
Pick up voltage : Minimum 70% of coil rating
Drop off voltage : Below 38% of coil rating
Contactor : MCH/ MMK1 Contactor 2P
Relay : MCH/ MMK1 Relay 2P
Area : 245mm * 230mm * 115mm
Weight : 3.2 - 3.6 Kilo grams
Rated Operational Voltage : 200-220V, 50Hz
Insulation Voltage Ac (Vi) : 660V
Ambient Temperature : -25°C to +55°C
Terminal Capacity : 1 * 16 (mm)2 or 2 * 10 (mm)2

Product Profile of Control Panel Board for Submersible Pump :

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Business Type : Exporter for submersible pump / Manufacturer of Control Panel Board for Submersible Pump / Supplier for submersible pump
Areas we cover: Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai.

Control Panel for Submersible Pump